A Part-time Gig for Your Full-time Role

Learn why dashing is a great part-time gig for folks with an important full-time role: parent.

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Many parents appreciate the beginning of a season or school year for its return to routine. Once the kids are back in school, weekly schedules start to settle back to normal. Some lucky parents may even find themselves with a little extra time on their hands – time that can turn into new ways to earn cash for the holidays.

Here’s where the gig economy can help, offering opportunities for parents to make money without sacrificing the time commitments they devote to supporting their kids’ activities. Delivering with DoorDash is one way to do just that - offering an appealing part-time gig for those who already have a full-time role as a parent.

Delivering with DoorDash offers an opportunity to earn while working flexible hours

As reported in a recent Forbes magazine article, the gig economy offers two primary benefits: flexibility and earning potential.

Parents are a segment of the working population that appreciates – and even relies on – flexible work hours. As the article says, “Among workers with children, flexibility was the main motivator for 69 percent of respondents.”

Flexibility means a parent can be there for the moments that matter to their family, without having to make sacrifices due to a rigid work schedule.

Here we outline a few of the aspects of delivering with DoorDash that appeal to parents.

Why parents consider delivering with DoorDash

1. Delivering with DoorDash allows you to make your own schedule

When you’re a parent, your first commitment is to your kids. Dropping them off and picking them up from school or sports; taking them to the doctor; or staying home if one of them is sick.

In recent research completed by DoorDash, 57% of Dashers said flexible working hours are important for family-related reasons. Being part of a family means your schedule can change on the fly, making it hard to commit to working jobs with strict schedules and time commitments.

With DoorDash, Dashers can set their working hours to their convenience – clocking in and earning when they have free time. There are no restrictions to these hours, and Dashers may change them whenever they like.

2. Delivering with DoorDash lets you earn extra income

According to a recent Gallup poll, three in five Americans say recent price increases due to inflation have caused financial hardship for their household. Prices across the board are inching upwards – whether it’s monthly rent or a new pair of Nikes.

When asked about the most pressing financial problem facing their family today, 35% mentioned the high cost of living. Today’s economic uncertainty motivates workers everywhere to look for ways to maximize their earnings while they are able. Compared with other food delivery apps, DoorDash is the category leader – and more offers can translate into more earnings opportunities.

Delivering with DoorDash allows gig workers an opportunity to earn income to cover additional expenses— whether it’s the basics, to cover extra spending, or indulgences for the kids. 


“Dashing has helped me support my family and take a few mini-vacations. It is money that allows me to get groceries or gifts for holidays. I love that I can set my own hours, work as much as I want, and interact with people.”

Valerie, Dasher, Lisle, IL

3. Delivering with DoorDash lets you multitask with ease

It’s easy for parents to combine dashing with a range of other responsibilities, like running errands or picking up the kids. 

Unlike other platforms, DoorDash allows the opportunity to schedule ahead or ‘Dash Now’ so you can fit in dashing at a time that works for you. The heatmap feature allows Dashers to take advantage of busy times and areas with high customer demand - clocking in when there are enough delivery requests to make it worth a Dasher’s time.

And with Dash Along the Way, you can earn more as you travel from one zone to the next, making it possible for you to hold a spot to pick up DoorDash orders when you arrive at your destination.

Everything you need to get started

With a focus on Dasher safety, education, and the perks and rewards that come along with dashing, parents quickly find that delivering with DoorDash can offer an attractive gig work opportunity.

Bottom line? Dashers who are parents can earn much-needed money to help pay for the expenses that come along with raising a family. If you’re interested, sign up today.


Diana Donovan

Diana Donovan