Solutions to Common Live Dashing Issues

Learn how to resolve issues like closed merchants, unavailable items, blocked pick-ups, missing orders, and delays.

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Dashers occasionally have to deal with unexpected issues on the road. It can be overwhelming when you’re first starting out, but this advice from seasoned Dashers can help you troubleshoot on the go.

These are the six most common Dasher problems you may encounter while dashing, and how to manage each of them effectively. 

Dasher problem #1: Merchant is closed 

If you encounter a closed restaurant or store, please report it in the app by tapping the question mark in the top right corner. Then, select “Store Closed” and provide the necessary information. Once we verify the closure, we will refund you half of the total payment for the order and remove it from your DoorDash Dasher app. Please be aware that falsely reporting a store as closed can deactivate your account.

Dasher problem #2: Item is unavailable

Ask the merchant to check if there are substitutions available for any unavailable items. Then, communicate the order issues with your customer to make sure you are respecting their preferences when possible. If the entire order is impacted and no substitutions are available, contact support to cancel the order. 

Dasher problem #3: Blocked from pick-up

If you’re unable to mark an order as picked up, you may still be too far from the store location. Try again when you are closer.  

Dasher problem #4: Merchant doesn’t have the order

Please ask the merchant to verify the receipt of your order. If confirmed, kindly request them to input the order into their system. In case the restaurant is unable to locate the order, you may proceed to self-place the order, either by reading the items from the DoorDash Dasher app or showing it to the store. Rest assured, the store will be automatically compensated for this order, just like any other DoorDash order.

Dasher problem #5: Order is delayed

During peak times, merchants can get busy, which can cause delays in orders. This is normal, and seasoned Dashers recommend contacting the customer to inform them of any changes to your ETA to keep them updated.

Dasher problem #6: Unable to locate the customer

If you cannot find the customer or their address, or if the delivery or task instructions are unclear, we suggest contacting the customer directly for clarification on the drop-off location. For contactless orders, if you still cannot reach the customer’s location, leave the order in a safe spot, take a photo showing where it was left, and inform the customer of the location through the chat. 

For hand-it-to-me orders, use “Can’t Hand Order to the Customer” in the app as an alternative method to complete the delivery. Lastly, if you cannot complete the delivery or task, it may be because you are not close enough to the customer’s address. We encourage you to try again when you are closer.

Dasher problem #7: Confirming contents of a sealed bag

If you arrive at the merchant and receive your order in a sealed bag, do not open it to check for the items. Both the customers and restaurants require that you refrain from opening the package — even to check its contents. 

If you want to verify the order, simply confirm the name and contents with the restaurant staff. Always use your best judgment to confirm whether or not all items are in the sealed bag. For example, if a customer has ordered a drink, double-check that the drink has been included with the order.

Smooth dashing on the road

We’ve addressed the most common Dasher problems you may encounter while on the road. By being aware of these challenges and following the provided solutions, Dashers can more smoothly and easily navigate their deliveries.