Tech, Gear, and Gadgets: Useful Delivery Driver Apps & Accessories to Consider

Here’s a rundown of the delivery driver tech tools most used by seasoned Dashers.

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Dx Blog (Global) - Tech, Gear, and Gadgets: Useful Delivery Driver Apps & Accessories to Consider - Dasher at wheel of car

Do you have the delivery driver tools to deliver DoorDash orders as smoothly and efficiently as possible? The right tech tools, including physical gear, gadgets, and phone apps, can help you get where you need to go in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.

This guide will take you through the delivery driver gear, apps, and accessories that optimize your delivery experience, helping you grow your earning potential with every dash.

Dx Blog (Global) - Tech, Gear, and Gadgets: Useful Delivery Driver Apps & Accessories to Consider - Dasher in car looking at app

Tech gear for delivery drivers

First, let’s focus on hardware, the physical gear that you should have with you in your car to increase your safety, comfort, and efficiency when you’re out on the road. 

Delivery driver accessories for staying connected

Other than your vehicle, your smartphone is obviously your number one piece of hardware. But there are a few other gear options that can help ensure your phone is always ready, available, and easy to navigate when you need it.

1. Power bank or phone charger

It’s crucial that your phone battery doesn’t run out when you’ve got orders to deliver. At the very least, make sure you have a charging cable that plugs into your car. A power bank is a great portable option that will give you peace of mind that your phone is always charged.

2. Phone mount

You need to keep tabs on your device to navigate unfamiliar streets and field text notifications from restaurants and customers, but you also need to keep your eyes on the road. A mount — whether attached magnetically to your windshield or dashboard or manually affixed to your cup holder — is a must.

Dash cameras for peace of mind

A dash cam can provide peace of mind for delivery drivers in case of an incident, whether you’re directly involved with your vehicle or indirectly as a witness to a situation.

A dash cam can provide a record of events that happen around your vehicle, even providing your with video proof for for insurance claims or disputes.

Dx Blog (Global) - Tech, Gear, and Gadgets: Useful Delivery Driver Apps & Accessories to Consider - dasher at wheel of car

Useful DoorDash Dasher app features

We’ve gone over hardware accessories for delivery drivers, but what about the most useful software? As a Dasher, most of what you need is already pre-built into the DoorDash Dasher app. Taking time to discover its features and functionalities will help you unlock more efficient deliveries.

In-app navigation

The In-app Navigation feature in the DoorDash Dasher app is designed with drivers in mind, which means everything happens on a single screen. It’s powered by Google Maps to provide the most useful and up-to-date route recommendations, along with audio instructions to guide you. As you approach your destination, the map will automatically zoom in while building numbers appear. Additionally, the Dasher app now integrates with Apple CarPlay, so that drivers can sync their iPhone’s interface with their car’s built-in entertainment and information systems—  helping drivers use key apps while reducing phone interactions.

Dash Along the Way

Another great feature for delivery drivers is Dash Along the Way. To help Dashers make the most of their time on the road, Dash Along the Way reveals offers that are available along your desired route, so you can complete additional deliveries on your way to your destination.

If your delivery or task is going to take you outside of the zone that you’re currently in, or if you’re returning to your regular starting point after completing a delivery or task, all you have to do is tap Dash Along the Way on the map. Your request will be registered, and if there are offers along your planned path, you’ll be given the option to take them.

The best apps and tracking tools for delivery drivers

There are many other resources available through the DoorDash platform that can help you keep tabs on everything from the cheapest fuel available to your total daily driving distance.

GasBuddy for fueling up

Gauging fuel costs is always significant for Dashers, which is why the GasBuddy tool has been directly integrated into the DoorDash Dasher app. Without having to leave your main screen, you can immediately see the prices at all gas stations nearby, along with recommended routes for getting to them.

Everlance for tax deductions

Since you are an independent contractor who relies on your car, business expenses, and mileage can be claimed on your income tax and potentially result in deductions. An app like Everlance can help streamline this process. While there’s a free version available, Dashers can also get 20% off an Everlance Premium subscription (with code EVERDASH) to automatically track business mileage and expenses in the Everlance app. Terms apply.

Tracking your earnings and progress

One of the best ways to maximize your efficiency as a Dasher  is to consistently maintain a complete overview of your earnings and the steps you’ve taken toward your personal, financial, and career goals. It’s a great way to motivate yourself and understand what you need to do next. Track your progress with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel budgeting templates so you can see what you’ve earned and how you can continue optimizing your time and earnings.

Dx Blog (Global) - Tech, Gear, and Gadgets: Useful Delivery Driver Apps & Accessories to Consider - Dasher arrived with delivery bag

Get the most out of your dashing experience with the right gear

Technology has the potential to enhance your dashing. Whether it’s hardware for your vehicle or software for your phone, these delivery driver apps, accessories, and gear add value and help ensure you stay on top of every delivery or task. Ready to get started? Become a Dasher and start earning on the road.


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