2024 Gig Work Trends: Opportunities Gig Workers Can Look Forward To

Gig economy statistics reveal how flexibility and new digital tools are rapidly transforming independent work.

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It’s clear that the traditional nine-to-five job is on the way out as the dominant working norm in society. Social media phenomena — like "quiet quitting" one year, or "loud quitting" the next — show that gig work represents a dynamic and digitally-enabled approach to employment compared to traditional work.

2024 has been a game-changer. Technological advancements, evolving business models, and shifting societal attitudes are all converging in a boom for gig economy trends. You'll want to brace yourself for the ride because the gig economy market was projected to hit a gross volume of $455.2 billion at the end of 2023. 

Gig economy statistics indicate that the independent work trend is expected to continue to increase in popularity — in 2024, the number of active freelance workers in the US is estimated to skyrocket to a whopping 76.4 million. So, let's dive into the factors contributing to this optimistic outlook and highlight some of the critical gig work trends we can expect to see in the next year.

Gig work trend #1: Creating your own opportunities

Gig work is soaring in popularity, supported in large part by the desire for greater flexibility and autonomy in the workplace. Recent transformative events, including the pandemic, sparked a phenomenon known as "The Great Resignation," which will further propel 2024 gig trends. Many workers are reevaluating their priorities and employment options, and over the last few years, innovative apps and digital platforms — such as those offering task- or delivery-based work — have enabled individuals to utilize their skills and services to help stimulate a diverse marketplace for gig work. 

Flexibility is the main draw of gig work. With no set hours, rigid schedules, or bosses to answer to, gig workers have much more freedom over their schedules and can choose when to work and be their own boss. This trend is growing significantly, as more gig workers are looking to supplement their income while pursuing their own personal pursuits and creative passions. Gig workers are also continuing to seek work that fits into their daily life routines rather than the rigid work schedule of a traditional job.

“Dashing has helped give me confidence that even when the job market seems tough, there is a way to make cash. It's been wonderful being able to dash and make money based on my schedule.”

-Perrin D., Artist & Dasher, Edmond, OK

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Gig work trend #2: More tools and resources for gig workers

The rapid increase of gig work has brought with it a rise in platforms and tools specifically aimed at supporting gig workers. Software tools are now being integrated into platforms to make it easier for gig workers to access a range of benefits that improve their work and productivity. 

For example, the DoorDash Dasher App uses a suite of software tools to provide seamless routing with real-time traffic updates, live support, and geo-optimized delivery requests to help Dashers maximize their earnings. These kinds of applications streamline gig work and empower workers by equipping them with the insights they need to excel. 

DoorDash also partners with technology platforms to help support Dashers in their gig work. Clerkie is a debt and money assistant that helps Dashers set and achieve their financial goals, while Everlance, an intelligent mileage and expense-tracking app, saves Dashers time and money with their easy-to-use productivity tools. 

By embracing tech-forward gear and tools, the gig economy is paving the way for a more efficient and rewarding work experience, making it an increasingly attractive and sustainable option for workers seeking autonomy in their careers.

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Gig work trend #3: Gig worker optimism

So why are gig workers so optimistic about the future of gig work? This positivity stems from several factors. Firstly, gig economy statistics reveal remarkable growth, with the emergence of new industries and diverse job opportunities like delivery driving, transcribing, and task-based gigs being created on a regular basis. With every passing day, freelance workers are presented with an ever-expanding array of options, contributing to the overall stability and sustainability of the gig work ecosystem. 

Gig work allows individuals to have greater control over their work-life balance and access to  diverse opportunities. The freedom and autonomy found in gig work also presents more choice. Many people use gig work to supplement their regular employment, but a growing number are choosing to freelance full time. Many Dashers who originally started dashing as a part-time job while simultaneously going to school have continued to work with DoorDash even after they've graduated or obtained a full-time job

This sense of empowerment and freedom, as well as the opportunity to supplement earnings, is appealing to many people seeking flexibility and more options. As gig economy trends continue to evolve and flourish, it is expected to attract even more individuals who value the advantages and opportunities that gig work offers.

2024 gig trends point towards a bright future, with the increasing demand for job flexibility and autonomy fueling the popularity of independent work. And thanks to technological advancements, gig work is becoming more efficient, enhancing the productivity, efficiency, and overall experience for gig workers. 

If you're considering joining the gig economy, consider becoming a Dasher and join the millions of other gig workers enjoying the benefits of being independent contractors.


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